Our Team

LeVar Burton

CO-FOUNDER / CURATOR-IN-CHIEF. LeVar Burton has been capturing the admiring attention of both audiences and his industry peers for three decades, and continues to enjoy longevity truly rare within the industry. His deftness in avoiding stereotype continues to be a hallmark of an incredibly diverse career. Launching his acting career in the groundbreaking role of Kunta Kinte in the landmark television series ROOTS, Burton found himself on the cover of Time Magazine at the age of 19. Shortly thereafter, Burton achieved further global acclaim as Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series and feature films. From 1983 until 2009, Burton was the host and producer of the beloved Peabody Award winning PBS children’s series, Reading Rainbow. The honored recipient of 12 Emmy Awards, a Grammy and 5 NAACP awards, LeVar has demonstrated in his career that he can do it all, whether acting, directing, producing or writing. No greater proof of his enduring appeal and deep personal connection with his audience is the fact that LeVar is one of the most followed people in the world on Twitter, with over 1.7M followers.

Mark Wolfe

CO-FOUNDER / CEO. Throughout his 27 year Hollywood career, Mark Wolfe has been a Producer or Executive on over 100 films, including such acclaimed and successful movies as Terminator 3, Kinsey, I♥Huckabees, and K-19: The Widowmaker. Shepherding over $1 Billion worth of movie projects through Hollywood, Mark managed to lose only one of the two things he attempted to maintain throughout his career: his sanity and his sense of humor. Having been all over the world making films, worked with some of the greatest actors, writers and directors, and watched a film he produced World Premiere from the Tsar of Russia’s private box in St Petersburg, Wolfe has proven that film school was actually a good idea and is glad he didn’t try medical school after all. Mark produced two films in which LeVar Burton either directed or starred, leading to a friendship and business partnership in Burton/Wolfe Entertainment, a company founded on the principles of “doing well by doing good.” With Burton/Wolfe’s creation of RRKidz and the acquisition of Reading Rainbow, Wolfe now finds himself shuttling between LA and San Francisco pretending to understand technology despite his inability to successfully utilize a pencil sharpener.

Sangita Patel

PRESIDENT OF DIGITAL PUBLISHING. As President of Digital Publishing, Sangita oversees publisher relations, content acquisition and curation,and overall digital book production. Working closely with leading publishers, agents, authors, and illustrators, Sangita leads the ongoing development of a content platform for Reading Rainbow. Sangita has over 15 years of experience in the publishing and start-up environment. She led sales and business development efforts at WetFeet.com and Universum, Inc, publishers of career content for college and graduate students. Sangita was responsible for acquiring new corporate clients and managing a client base of over 100 Fortune 1000 companies. As the Director of New Business Development at the Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones Ventures, Sangita was accountable for corporate revenue goals through all media and research products related to content for financial professionals. Prior to joining RRKidz, Sangita entered the digital book market with LibreDigital, a conversion, delivery, and multi-platform distribution partner for publishers. Sangita obtained her Juris Doctor from The John Marshall Law School and her B.A. in International Studies from Old Dominion University. Her love of children inspired her to join the RRKidz team, in hopes of ensuring a future filled with reading.

Kyle Rohrbach

PRODUCER. Storytelling has been a part of Kyle's history since he tried to explain being adopted to his friends in elementary school, who to this day believe he grew up in an orphanage. He graduated film school(medical school not even considered) from one of the nation's best - NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.There, he honed his producing skills, traveled to the Cannes International Film Festival to produce shorts for Adobe, and learned the phrase, "I'm sorry officer, I didn't know." After graduating, Kyle began a successful career with Apple, Inc. which would last two years before joining LeVar Burton and Mark Wolfe on their new venture, Burton/Wolfe Entertainment. Together, the three produced content all over the world (Suriname anyone?) before RRKidz was born a short while later. As the only one on the team who couldn't legally rent a car, they brought Kyle on to represent the youth.

Rob Buchanan

CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Rob graduated from the character animation program at CalArts in Los Angeles in 1993 after which he worked as an animator, art/animation director and game director at popular game studio, WayForward. Responsible for such successful and critically acclaimed games as: Where the Wild Things Are, Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck, Despicable Me, MLB Baseball Blast!, SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab, Rob excels at entertaining children of all ages. As an animator he has worked on over 60 games, two TV shows as well as several Disneyland/Disney Cruise projects. He has appeared in three Hollywood movies and has a meteorite on his desk which he refers to as "Steve”.